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Meet Our Team


Build a foundation for lasting recovery


Neil McKinnell

Chairman of the Board

Neil McKinnell, the founder and Chairman of the Board for Evoke Wellness, has over 25 years of experience creating and leading successful businesses in e-commerce, real estate, manufacturing and distribution, and healthcare. As a seasoned executive, Neil’s ability to balance strategic decisions, financial discipline and a hands on approach to leadership has markedly helped Evoke Wellness establish a concrete foundation needed for its earned success.

Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray

Executive Director

Joshua Gray has dedicated over a decade to behavioral health, with extensive experience across various levels of care in South Florida’s co-occurring treatment centers. Starting as a behavioral health technician, he progressed to roles like case manager, group facilitator, and business development, all driven by his passion for holistic patient care. Joshua’s leadership roles as director of alumni services, primary therapist, and program supervisor underscore his commitment to program excellence and patient wellness. With a comprehensive understanding of behavioral health, crisis intervention, and program development, Joshua is a valuable asset in guiding individuals towards lasting recovery and wellness. Holding an Addiction Counseling credential, Joshua continues his impactful work internationally, supporting those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.


Dr. David Kashan, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Kashan is an attending psychiatrist as well as the medical director of Evoke Wellness at Hilliard. He attended Bucknell University for undergraduate studies and A.T. Still University for medical school. Addiction and mental health struggles have impacted several of his close friends and family members throughout his life. Accordingly, it is his mission to make sure that those afflicted with these conditions receive the best treatment possible. He is extremely proud that the stigma associated with mental health and addiction is finally on the decline. “Life is hard and it is okay to not be okay. Personally, I see the ability to ask for help as a sign of strength rather than weakness. My goal at Evoke Wellness is to ensure optimal patient care, which means treating symptoms in a way that minimizes side effect burden and utilizes the least number of medications necessary to alleviate those symptoms. It is truly an honor to be able to treat and restore hope to patients who have so much to offer the world if just given the right tools to do so.”

Mandella (Mandy) Davis, MSSA, LISW

Clinical Director

Mandy, a native of Ohio, holds an independent license as a Social Worker in her home state. She completed her Bachelor’s in Social Work at Cleveland State University and went on to earn her Master’s in Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University. Demonstrating unwavering commitment to the social work profession, she has dedicated her career to serving the community and assisting those facing challenges. Mandy takes pride in her empathetic nature and tackles challenging situations and life circumstances with a direct and solution-focused approach.


Pamela Payette

Director of Nursing

Pamela Payette is a highly skilled healthcare professional, embarked on her journey in the medical field by earning an Associate’s degree as a Surgical Technologist. Demonstrating a relentless commitment to advancing her career, she pursued and successfully obtained her LPN and RN credentials at Central Ohio Technical College, followed by a BSN from Ohio University.

Over the past 13 years, Pamela has gained much experience in various healthcare specialties, including Hospice, home health, long-term care, Assisted Living, Pediatrics, Corrections, and Travel nursing from Utah to Alaska. Her diverse background led her to a role at a methadone clinic before joining Evoke Wellness. Remarkably, Pamela began her tenure at Evoke Wellness at Ohio a week prior to the facility’s opening.

In the realm of inpatient substance use disorder treatment programs, Pamela found her true passion. Starting as a Nursing Supervisor, she recently earned a well-deserved promotion to the position of Director of Nursing at Evoke Wellness. Her genuine love for helping others shines through, and she passionately believes that every individual deserves a chance at a better life. Pamela is dedicated to supporting each client on their unique journey to health and personal growth.

For Pamela, the most rewarding aspect of her work lies in witnessing the transformative journey of clients during their lowest points in life. She is driven by the belief that extending a helping hand can make a profound difference. Embodying the motto “PAY IT FORWARD,” Pamela Payette is committed to contributing positively to the lives of those she serves, fostering change, and promoting a brighter future for all.


Staci Mitchell

Director of Operations

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Staci recently transferred to Hilliard, Ohio to work with our amazing team doing what she loves. Staci is a motivated, empathetic, goal-driven, and strong communicator. She has worked in the substance use field for 4.5 years.

“I have this unique opportunity to encourage and empathize with clients who are engaging in a monumental, life-changing experience. Meeting them on their level and ensuring everyone receives the best client care possible that is tailored to their specific needs.”


Megan McCuan

Director of Human Resources and Recruiting

Born and raised just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, Megan moved to Westerville, Ohio for college in 2004 and has been in central Ohio ever since. Megan can best be described as Empathetic, goofy, resilient, creative, and motivated. This is the first time she has worked in the substance use field but has been in recovery for over 14 years.

“I love being an HR professional and leader because I get to work with a diverse population of employees, and I get to use my technical skills and knowledge to help an organization grow and develop. I love working at Evoke Wellness because I get to do all of these things in a recovery and cause-driven setting.”


Cody Palmer

Director of Business Development

Cody was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He has over four years of experience in the substance use field and knows the Ohio area very well. Cody can best be described as Persistent, motivated, sociable, reliable and friendly. As someone who is personally in recovery, he loves doing what he does because it allows him to give back to the community that he once took so much from. 

Paige Doerfler

Paige Doerfler

Clinical Therapist BSW, CDCA

Paige has a bachelor’s degree in social work and graduated from Ohio University in 2019. She completed her CDCA upon graduating and is currently working towards her LSW. Outside of work she spends her time at the gym and eating all the food. She enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, with her dog and with her nieces and nephews! Paige has a passion for this population as it hits home. She enjoys helping others and being part of their recovery journey aiding and advocating. She has been engaged in the field since 2018 and initially worked in outpatient/sober living, then transitioned into detox and inpatient once she began working at Evoke Wellness.


Vashawn Thurston

Executive Chef

Vashawn Thurston, is an executive chef at Evoke Wellness LLC. She was born in Miami, FL and is a mother of three children. Vashawn has a love of cooking and helping others find success through food preparation. Prior to coming to Evoke Hilliard, she was employed through Evoke Wellness at Miramar where she worked through various positions before becoming executive chef at Evoke Cohasset. Vashawn loves what she does and it’s very evident in every meal she expertly crafts.