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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Build a foundation for lasting recovery

Addiction takes a significant toll on all aspects of an individual’s life. When a person is struggling, how they think, feel, and behave centers around their addiction. This can make it difficult for them to see the extent of their struggles or prevent them from seeking treatment. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we understand how all-consuming it is for those grappling with addiction. Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with the care and support they need during each stage of recovery to promote lasting wellness. a young woman begins to heal with help and acceptance and commitment therapy

At our addiction treatment center, we offer various addiction therapy programs to help those in recovery heal from the physical, mental, and emotional toll, including acceptance and commitment therapy. If you are considering acceptance and commitment therapy or other addiction therapy programs, our team can provide you with further information. Call 866.430.9267 today to learn more.

What Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT therapy, is a form of behavioral therapy that views addiction as a chronic pattern of behavior that can be modified. Patients in ACT therapy gain insight into their behaviors and learn how to accept their urges without acting on them. Individuals in our program meet with their therapist to reduce their impulses by confronting the present moment and altering their behavior to better align with their goals and values. Those in recovery learn how to adapt their thoughts, feelings, and actions according to their current situations. This helps them better cope with challenges or unexpected circumstances and helps them better regulate their behaviors.

After participating in ACT therapy, patients learn to accept their urges to abuse substances and behave in healthier ways that do not put their sobriety at risk. Practicing mindfulness and identifying your values are beneficial to your mental health and for maintaining recovery outside of treatment. By participating in acceptance and commitment therapy, individuals can improve their overall health and well-being and lower the risk of relapse.

Understanding Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Addiction

For many people, when they think about addiction treatment, they only think about detox and treating the physical symptoms of substance. However, it is equally important to address the mental effects of addiction and understand the factors that lead to it. Acceptance and commitment therapy for addiction can address these issues and help patients develop the tools and skills they need to build a solid foundation for lifelong recovery.

The benefits of acceptance and commitment therapy for addiction are:

  • Increasing the ability to tolerate and manage cravings and urges to abuse substances
  • Building a healthier life that involves hobbies and activities not related to drug or alcohol use
  • Creating more psychological flexibility, which allows individuals to accept that they have urges and cravings and encourages them to choose appropriate responses
  • Addressing symptoms for any co-occurring disorders
  • Decreasing the probability of relapse
  • Helping patients identify their long-term goals and encouraging them to focus on their values

ACT therapy encourages patients to accept their feelings and urges rather than constantly fighting them. Acknowledging these thoughts and impulses allows individuals to better choose how they adapt their actions to align with their values and goals. Treatment and recovery are challenging, but programs like acceptance and commitment therapy help prepare patients to live new and happier, sober lives.

Learn More About the Addiction Therapy Programs at Evoke Wellness Ohio

Acceptance and commitment therapy is often used alongside other forms of treatment. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, our programs help patients through each stage of their recovery journey from detox to aftercare. If you or someone you know is ready to begin their recovery journey, our team can help. Reach out to Evoke Wellness Ohio at 866.430.9267 or by filling out our online form today to start your path to recovery.