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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program


Build a foundation for lasting recovery

Addiction is overwhelming and isolating, which makes it difficult for those struggling to reach out for help. Individuals often have feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and loneliness. It is much easier to begin your recovery journey in a safe environment surrounded by help. The path to recovery is not easy, but with proper treatment and therapy programs, it is possible. An addiction treatment facility that offers evidence-based treatment and therapeutic approaches is the most effective way to achieve lasting sobriety. They provide patients with professional help and resources to help them better understand themselves and their addiction. cognitive behavioral therapy as part of an addiction treatment program helps a woman get herself back on track

Evoke Wellness at Hilliard provides those in and around Columbus, OH, struggling with addiction with high-quality care and support. We understand the toll addiction takes on a person’s life. Everyone has unique circumstances, experiences, needs, and concerns that influence their addiction and treatment. That is why we provide a variety of addiction therapy programs, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, to help our patients heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What Is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program?

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program aims to help those struggling with addiction understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and actions and raise their awareness of how they influence recovery. During the program, patients gain a better understanding of how negative actions and emotions are often irrational. Through a cognitive-behavioral therapy program, individuals learn how their feelings and actions contributed to their substance abuse. This makes them more prepared to overcome their addiction and achieve sobriety.

Patients meet with a therapist who helps them identify their negative “automatic thoughts.” These are thoughts based on impulse and usually stem from misconceptions and internalized doubt or fear. When a person has a lot of negative automatic thoughts, they may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to ease some of the painful thoughts and feelings. If untreated or unresolved, this can lead to worse problems like addiction and mental illnesses. In a cognitive-behavioral therapy program, patients not only understand their negative thoughts and actions but learn skills and tools to limit and overcome them.

What to Expect from a CBT Therapy Program

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, you are not alone. It may be scary, but reaching out for help is a crucial step in getting back the life you want. Treating the mental side effects and causes of addiction is crucial for achieving and maintaining lasting sobriety. A CBT therapy program helps patients understand the underlying causes of their addiction to heal the mind, body, and soul. Many patients would benefit from a cognitive-behavioral therapy program because patients and their therapists work together to treat addiction.

The benefits of a CBT therapy program are:

  • Learning to dismiss irrational thoughts and beliefs
  • Gaining better communication skills
  • Identifying triggers and effective ways to manage them
  • Learning techniques to better regulate emotions
  • Gaining a better understanding of yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviors
  • Developing tools to better your mood

Patients can participate in CBT therapy in residential treatment or outpatient treatment. It is a great addition to a patient’s treatment plan to help them progress through their recovery journey. There is no shame in seeking help to better your life, and our team is here to provide all our patients with the attention and care they need to achieve their sobriety and life goals.

Finding Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Columbus, OH, at Evoke Wellness at Hilliard

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy in Columbus, OH, aims to help patients learn how their thoughts and feelings contributed to their addiction and learn how to alter negative emotions and thinking patterns. This helps them figure out how they can maintain lasting recovery and a healthy, sober lifestyle. If you are ready to start treatment and recovery, reach out to Evoke Wellness at Hilliard at 866.430.9267 or via our online form.