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Motivational Interviewing Therapy Program


Build a foundation for lasting recovery

a motivational interviewing therapy specialist helps a man overcome his addiction Nobody’s experiences with addiction are the same. Everyone faces a unique set of circumstances that influences their struggles and will inform their path to treatment and recovery. Finding the right combination of treatment and therapy programs for your specific needs will significantly impact your sobriety and recovery. When someone struggles with addiction, they can face severe physical and mental side effects. During treatment, patients do not just work to become sober but learn how to maintain long-term recovery.

At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we offer various evidence-based addiction treatment programs to promote healing and lasting wellness. We create individualized treatment plans for each patient to best meet their needs and help them achieve their recovery goals. One of the therapy programs we offer is a motivational interviewing therapy program that helps with behavior changes. To learn more about our Columbus, OH, addiction therapy programs, call our staff at 866.430.9267.

What Is a Motivational Interviewing Therapy Program?

A motivational interviewing therapy program is a counseling approach used in addiction treatment to help patients resolve their ambivalent behaviors and increase motivation. Ambivalence refers to being aware of the risks of substance abuse and still continuing to use them. Patients may want to become sober but have a fear of failing. In other circumstances, they may seek treatment yet maintain that their struggles with addiction are not that serious. A lack of motivation is one of the greatest barriers that prevent individuals from seeking or achieving recovery despite significant consequences to their overall health and well-being.

In our motivational interviewing therapy program, patients work with a therapist to evaluate the pros and cons of becoming sober and making behavior changes. Individuals focus on understanding what they want, not what their counselor thinks is best for them. The emphasis is on enhancing the patient’s internal motivation to make positive changes in their life. The goal of a motivational interviewing therapy program is for individuals to increase their commitment to recovery and take steps toward change.

Motivational Interviewing Therapy Program Processes

Even if an individual seeks addiction treatment, they can still lack the motivation to become sober and adopt a new lifestyle. The treatment and recovery process is not easy, and patients can lose their commitment when faced with challenges. Our motivational interviewing therapy program in Columbus, OH, can help patients understand the risks and consequences of addiction based on what they view as important. This form of therapy relies on different processes to help patients that are reluctant to do so make critical changes in their behavior and lifestyle.

The patient-centered processes used in motivational interviewing are:

  • Engaging – The therapist gets to know the patient and establishes trust. Talking about the individual’s hopes, concerns, and issues helps the patient become more comfortable with their counselor and the therapy process.
  • Focusing – Narrowing the conversation to what will be the main focus of the patient’s recovery. This helps create an agenda for treatment and recovery.
  • Evoking – Understanding what is important to the patient to increase their sense of the significance of the change and their confidence that they can make changes.
  • Planning – Creating a practical plan to help patients implement the desired changes to their life.

When used in combination with other treatment programs, a motivational interviewing therapy program can be effective in helping patients achieve and maintain recovery. An ambivalent attitude toward addiction and treatment will not make for a successful recovery. Our motivational interviewing therapy program can help patients gain a new perspective on the dangers of substance abuse by understanding how addiction impacts the things that are important to them.

Evoke Wellness Ohio Motivational Interviewing Therapy in Columbus, OH

To learn more about our addiction treatment therapy programs, like motivational interviewing therapy, contact Evoke Wellness Ohio by calling 866.430.9267 or filling out our secure online form.