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Finding Outpatient Treatment in Columbus

a therapy group meets in an intensive outpatient program in columbus

Evoke Wellness can be reached in less than 20 minutes from downtown Columbus, OH, via I-70 and Hilliard Rome Road. This quick commute to the idyllic suburban town of Hilliard1 makes Evoke Wellness an ideal option for Columbus residents seeking outpatient addiction treatment. If you live in or near Columbus, OH, and are looking for a high level of care in an outpatient program, consider our intensive outpatient program in the Columbus, Ohio, metro area.

 To learn about the benefits of IOP (intensive outpatient program), what the time commitment looks like, and how you can continue to live at home while receiving wrap-around services as well as peer support and follow-up care, reach out to Evoke Wellness today by calling 866.430.9267 or submitting this easy online form.

Finding Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Columbus

An outpatient program means that you go to your rehab facility during certain hours each week but head home to sleep. You continue to live with your family and can usually continue to work or attend school. In Evoke Wellness’s outpatient programs, you receive the same evidence-based treatments provided by the same professional staff you would if you enrolled in our residential program.

In the Columbus metro area, Hilliard is convenient while maintaining a small-town feel despite its size, countless amenities, and proximity to downtown Columbus.

Imagine leaving your day of outpatient treatment at Evoke Wellness and taking a short 15-minute walk (or 4-minute drive) to the nearby Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.2 You can stroll some of the 130 acres, sit and fish in their pond, or simply meditate and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere before driving home.

Considered one of the most walkable cities in Ohio, Hilliard boasts the beautiful seven-mile Heritage Rail Trail, a short distance from Evoke Wellness. Daily exercise and access to nature are important components of your recovery. Evoke Wellness serves Columbus residents who seek a quality addiction treatment center in an idyllic setting close to home.

Why Choose an IOP?

There are many medical and practical factors that go into your decision about what kind of addiction treatment you want or need. Some of those are:

  • How long have you had a substance use disorder (SUD)?
  • Do you have a poly-substance use disorder (addiction to more than one substance)?
  • What is your general physical health?
  • Do you have any co-occurring mental health challenges?
  • Have you been in rehab before and experienced a relapse?
  • Do you have a strong and trustworthy support network at home?
  • What does your insurance cover?

 In many cases, an outpatient program is ideal. And if you need a higher level of care than a regular, non-intensive program, an intensive outpatient program may be perfect for you.

What Are the Benefits of IOP?

If you and your physician, as well as the treatment team at Evoke Wellness, agree that outpatient treatment is a good option for you, what benefits would you receive by enrolling in an IOP?

Some of those benefits include:

  • IOPs have a longer duration than regular outpatient programs, which is linked to improved recovery outcomes for those who qualify for a higher level of care.
  • Intensive outpatient programs tend to have a higher retention rate; if you stay in treatment, your outcomes improve.
  • Though the time commitment is greater than a low-intensity OP, you can usually manage your home, school, or work responsibilities.
  • Living with family while in treatment allows you to immediately begin the healing process in your primary relationships, which is inevitably a part of addiction recovery.
  • An outpatient program only works if you have a strong, reliable home network, so if you are enrolled in an IOP, you are supported by those friends and family that you will continue to rely upon post-discharge.
  • As an outpatient, you are required to show greater accountability because you are navigating the real world daily and interacting with people outside rehab. That practice can strengthen your recovery as you practice your newly learned skills in real-time when you are not at the rehab facility.
  • Outpatient care costs less than inpatient care, which is a factor for most people, even those with excellent health insurance.

 For outpatient addiction treatment in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Evoke Wellness.

Call Evoke Wellness Ohio Today to Get Started on Your Recovery

Picking up the phone to call 866.430.9267 or clicking on the link to complete a simple online contact form takes mere minutes. Those minutes can be the start of your recovery—minutes you’ll never forget or regret. If you live in or near Columbus, Ohio, hop on I-70 heading west and check out our Hilliard facility. We want to support you in the program that is right for you. That may be an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or another program, but having that initial conversation is an important first step.


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