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How Does a 12-Step Program Work?

individuals new to a 12 step program learn how the process works and what to expect from the program

When someone is struggling with addiction, they often struggle with feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Chronic substance abuse will lead to significant physical and mental side effects that, over time, can deteriorate your overall health and well-being. Trying to quit drugs or alcohol is not easy, but it is possible. With proper treatment and the right combination of treatments and support, individuals can achieve sobriety. During and after treatment, patients need to have a healthy support system. Being surrounded by others facing similar challenges can positively impact your recovery journey and mindset.

Evoke Wellness Ohio is committed to providing the high-quality care individuals need to overcome a variety of addictions. We offer various treatment programs to provide patients with a framework to heal and achieve lasting recovery. Our 12-step addiction treatment center can help individuals form healthy relationships and offer each other support. To learn more about our facility and various treatment programs, contact our team at 866.430.9267.

How Does a 12-Step Program Work?

If you are unfamiliar with addiction treatment, you may be asking, how does a 12-step program work? A 12-step program was created by Alcoholics Anonymous to provide a framework for alcohol addiction recovery. It has since been adapted to help treat various substance and process addictions. In a 12-step program, participants are intended to help each other achieve and maintain abstinence from substances. Patients attend regular group meetings to share their past experiences, new challenges, and concerns for recovery. During meetings, individuals can learn from each other and offer each other advice on how to overcome obstacles and maintain sobriety.

The main framework of a 12-step program includes admitting that you have an addiction problem and committing to positively change your behavior. Additional steps include making amends to those harmed by you and your addiction and taking responsibility for your recovery. Vowing to help others struggling with addiction is another significant part of the program. A 12-step treatment program can be an effective way for patients to establish healthy support systems. Maintaining a sober support group is an essential part of a successful aftercare program and transitioning to life outside of treatment.

How to Begin a 12-Step Program

To begin a 12-step program, patients need to go through detox and withdrawal in a safe environment. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we help individuals through each stage of treatment, and once they become sober, they can participate in a 12-step program to continue their recovery. A 12-step program is popular in addiction treatment because it offers many benefits.

Some of the benefits of a 12-step program are:

  • Creating healthy relationships and building a solid support system
  • Improving communication skills
  • Becoming more comfortable being vulnerable and sharing with others
  • Promoting internal reflection of yourself and your past
  • Learning when and how to reach out for help
  • Having a sense of belonging
  • Receiving encouragement from peers and increasing accountability in each other
  • Using what you learned in treatment to help others who are struggling

If you are unsure about how to begin a 12-step program, our staff can help. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we create individualized treatment programs to ensure each patient’s specific needs are met during treatment.

12-Step Addiction Treatment at Evoke Wellness Ohio

So, how does a 12-step program work? Patients follow a series of steps and attend meetings with others in treatment to increase their commitment and dedication to their recovery. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we provide a 12-step addiction treatment program to help patients through the ups and downs of recovery.

Some of the additional addiction treatment and therapy programs we offer patients are:

  • Drug and alcohol detox center
  • Acute detox center
  • Residential treatment program
  • Intensive inpatient treatment program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program
  • Rehab aftercare program
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program
  • Medication-assisted treatment programs

If you think this treatment would be right for you, contact Evoke Wellness Ohio at 866.430.9267 or via our online form to learn how to begin a 12-step program.