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Making Attainable Goals in Recovery

a man makes attainable goals in his recovery journey

Whether you have already begun your recovery journey or are in the contemplation stage—gathering information and coming to terms with your substance abuse—the new year is an excellent opportunity to set attainable goals in recovery. Though many New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled, one reason may be that they are not realistic. Let’s look at how you can set goals that you can really achieve in 2024. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, our addiction treatment programs are all followed by our excellent rehab aftercare program in Ohio. Setting, discussing, and working toward recovery goals is something our alumni often do in the aftercare program.

If you are ready to begin recovery, that is a very attainable resolution. Reach out to us today. We can talk you through what that entails. If you are looking for a refresher or have recently completed an addiction treatment program at Evoke Wellness Ohio, you can learn more about our aftercare program. To speak to a knowledgeable staff member, complete our online form or simply dial 866.430.9267.

Setting Attainable and SMART Goals in Recovery

Why do so many resolutions go unmet? Often, it is because the goal is not stated in specific terms, so it’s difficult to meet it. For example, “exercise more” is not specific, but “run three miles two days a week” is very specific, and you’ll know if you hit the mark. Another reason is that there is often no time frame. Two days a week is a good start. You could add to that goal: “for six months and then add one more day per week.” You will know in six months if you have met your goal and can make the planned adjustments.

Many people use SMART goals to accomplish the resolutions they desperately want to accomplish. SMART stands for:

  • Specific – you state a precise goal in specific terms
  • Measurable – you need a way to measure your progress (specificity and timeliness help with this)
  • Action-focused – set the steps you need to do (e.g., stop work on time so you can go for that run, pack your running clothes, and then run)
  • Realistic – choose a realistic goal; you won’t start running eight miles seven days a week. That’s something you work up to. What is realistic for you?
  • Timely – time frame and weekly/monthly deadlines so the goal is measurable, realistic, and specific

Not everyone in recovery will set the same exact goals, but there are some tried-and-true attainable goals in recovery that may help you get started.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Recovery

If you have begun your recovery, you can make SMART plans for building on the success you have had already. With the understanding that the timeframes and frequencies may differ from person to person, below is a list of suggested recovery goals for 2024 to help you on your path.

  • I will attend three sessions per week of recovery-related healing activities. (Examples would be a 12-step meeting, support group, or therapy session.)
  • To avoid isolation, I will reach out to trusted friends or family once a week to connect in person and do something together. (In your list, you can name specific people who are in your close support network.)
  • Starting in January, I will take on a new sober hobby and do something related to it once a week at least. (This can be anything from joining a book club or taking a painting class to jigsaw puzzles or exploring walking trails, art museums, or historical sites.)
  • I will reach out to help others every day. (Paying it forward or otherwise being kind or of service to others can help take your mind off your own struggles. This can be as simple as bringing in the mail to your elderly neighbor or as planned and scheduled as serving a meal at a soup kitchen every Thursday.)
  • I will learn or begin to practice meditation daily. (Meditation and other mindfulness practices are proven to ease the mental load of recovery.)
  • When I need help, I will ask for it. (Despite the lack of a specific timeline, this resolution is measurable in that you will know if you picked up the phone when you were spiraling—or not. Let your support network know that you may reach out if and when you are having a bad day. They will be glad.)

For more ideas about New Year’s resolutions to support your recovery, enter into conversations at Evoke Wellness Ohio in our aftercare program. Ask your peers what goals in recovery they are setting for 2024.

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Regardless of where you are in your recovery, we can help. Our diverse staff of caring professionals is here to support you. Don’t wait to take SMART steps to secure your recovery. Engage with others on the same journey as accountability partners. Reach out to us today. Call 866.430.9267, or simply fill out our online contact form. We are here. You are not alone.