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Build a foundation for lasting recovery

Staying Sober After Rehab

a woman is able to stay sober after rehab due to aftercare programs and other safety nets she has put in place for herself

Once the early stages of treatment are complete, the recovery journey is not over. In fact, in many ways, it is just beginning. Recovery is a lifelong process that requires motivation and commitment. When someone has gone through various treatment and therapy programs, they have learned tools and strategies to help them maintain sobriety and manage good mental health. However, the transition out of treatment and rehab is not easy. Patients are most vulnerable as they become reacquainted with life outside of treatment. During this stage of recovery, the risk of relapse is highest.

Staying sober after rehab is vital for long-term recovery. When a patient leaves rehab and returns home, they may encounter new challenges and obstacles that put their recovery at risk. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we provide many treatment programs that help our patients during and after treatment. Our rehab aftercare program is a vital part of our addiction treatment programs and helps patients retain what they learn throughout treatment. Contact us at 866.430.9267 to learn more.

The Importance of Staying Sober After Rehab

Staying sober after rehab presents new challenges patients likely did not encounter at an addiction treatment facility. Adjusting to life outside of rehab is a vulnerable time for many people. They face different types of stress and triggers in everyday life that they must be able to manage safely and effectively. Treatment is not an easy process for many people. It takes a lot of work to overcome a physical and psychological dependency on a substance. Breaking your sobriety can undo all of the hard work you have done to become sober. Not staying sober after rehab will likely result in relapse and needing to go through treatment again.

The transition out of rehab is a vulnerable time in the recovery journey, and the risk of relapse is high. Staying sober after rehab requires commitment and dedication. Patients may need to cut off certain relationships or avoid places connected to their addiction. This can be challenging, but it is crucial to put yourself and your recovery first. Staying sober after rehab makes it easier to maintain your recovery in the long term.

How to Stay Sober After Rehab

At Evoke Wellness Ohio, our rehab aftercare program ensures that patients learn how to stay sober after rehab. There are some strategies and techniques patients work on that they can implement in their daily lives. By working with counselors, attending group sessions, or participating in a 12-step program, patients build a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

Below are some tips for how to stay sober after rehab:

  • Build a healthy support group of sober peers and supportive loved ones
  • Take care of your physical health by eating well and exercising
  • Understand your addiction triggers and how to cope with them effectively
  • Continue meeting with a therapist or counselor to improve your mental health
  • Create and maintain a structured scheduled
  • Identify healthy stress reduction techniques that work for you
  • Reach out for help if you are struggling

Learning techniques to maintain sobriety that works for you is a vital part of the recovery process. Patients are likely to experience ups and downs throughout their life. They must learn how to deal with stressful situations and positively regulate their emotions. Staying sober after rehab is a challenge, but we work to ensure our patients are up for it.

Enroll in a Rehab Aftercare Program at Evoke Wellness Ohio

At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we understand how addiction severely impacts all aspects of your life. Our evidence-based addiction treatment programs help patients overcome the physical, mental, and emotional side effects of substance abuse. A rehab aftercare program is a vital part of the recovery process. and gives patients confidence in their ability to stay sober after rehab. Contact Evoke Wellness Ohio at 866.430.9267 or fill out our online form to learn more about how we help our patients maintain lifelong recovery.