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How DBT Skills Help With Stress

a woman feels less stressed after learning coping skills in dbt

Stress is a common addiction trigger for those in treatment and recovery. It can come from various scenarios and situations, including financial stress, relationship turmoil, or employment concerns. We cannot control the fact that stressful situations occur, but individuals must learn healthy ways to manage stress to maintain sobriety. Stress can put your recovery at risk and increase the chances of a relapse.

At Evoke Wellness Ohio, we aim to help patients learn critical life skills and develop the tools they need to live healthy and happy lives free of substances. We offer various evidence-based therapy programs to help patients heal from addiction side effects and restore their mental health. Our dialectical behavior therapy program is especially beneficial for learning to deal with stress and can help you or your loved one stay sober during challenging times. Call 866.430.9267 today to learn more.

Understanding DBT

Dialectical behavior therapy, also referred to as DBT, is designed to help patients learn to deal with negative or uncomfortable emotions and healthy coping techniques to maintain long-term recovery. Patients in treatment meet with a mental health professional to identify the underlying causes of their addiction. This could be an undiagnosed mental health condition, a toxic environment, or unhealthy relationships. Understanding what contributed to your substance abuse is essential for identifying your addiction triggers and creating a plan to maintain sobriety.

Our DBT program helps individuals heal mentally and emotionally. Patients learn to accept their uncomfortable emotions instead of avoiding them. This allows individuals to stay present and acknowledge their situation and how they are feeling. Getting ahead of yourself can increase feelings of worry and add more unnecessary stress to a situation. During DBT, those in treatment learn valuable skills to help with stress and improve their mental health.

How DBT Skills Help With Stress

Understanding how DBT skills help with stress can inform you of whether it would be a helpful program for you. Stress can be difficult for anyone to manage, and for those in recovery, situations can arise that directly put their sobriety at risk. By working with a DBT counselor, patients better understand themselves and their addiction and learn valuable skills they can use after treatment.

Some examples of these techniques and how DBT skills help with stress are:

  • Emotional regulation – With this technique, individuals learn to identify, name, and change the negative impacts of an emotional response. Patients learn to recognize uncomfortable emotions and appropriate ways to cope with or respond to them.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness – This skill helps people understand how they can restore, maintain, and establish healthy relationships with others. Patients learn to set boundaries, support others, and ask for help when they need it. This is a useful skill because support groups are essential for maintaining recovery and having healthy relationships, and people who support you can reduce stress.
  • Mindfulness – This teaches patients to be present and in the moment. It involves acknowledging all your thoughts and feelings to help you slow down and focus on healthy ways to get through stressful situations.
  • Distress tolerance – This DBT technique focuses on experiencing and accepting negative emotions, as trying to push feelings away is unhealthy. Acknowledging distress can allow you to focus more on what you need and healthy ways to handle things.

Good mental health is critical, not just for successful recovery but for living a happy and fulfilling life. At Evoke Wellness Ohio, our staff understands how dialectical behavior therapy helps with stress and will teach you valuable skills. After participating in a DBT program, individuals in recovery can develop a much healthier mindset favorable for lifelong recovery.

Learn How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Helps With Stress at Evoke Wellness Ohio

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